Mobile & Blockchain Presentation

Big News: Mobile & Blockchain Presentation

This week's email will be a bit shorter because we have been attending the Microsoft Inspire Conference and we have been hard at work preparing and delivering our Blockchain & Mobile Presentation. 

We'll be sharing more information from this deck in the form of blog posts and other content, but we thought we'd just share the presentation today so you can get a look. It represents a lot of hard work in distilling down our learning to try and explain blockchain and help others understand this massive opportunity. 

To share just one slide from the presentation: 

We'll see if this stat actually comes to fruition, but if it's even just 5% or takes twice as long, we are still very early days and the opportunity is massive! We're at roughly $100 Billion in value stored on Blockchain platforms today, and 10% of GDP is roughly $8 Trillion!

Happy Blockchain learning and good luck in the crypto bloodbath that is happening at the moment. Remember.... long term perspective. 

We'll see you next week!

Matt & Spencer


Check out our Presentation here.


Chart of the Week

Chris Burniske points out that cryptoassets could correct 75% to a total market cap of $15 billion and still be in a long term bull trend. Check out his full post here

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