How do you make money??

Wait, how can a business make money in the crypto space? This is a question I got this week, and one that I had as I first dove into this space. If this is a world where everything is decentralized, where there is no rent-extracting middlemen, and all the value accrues directly to the participants in the network, how can you create a business and generate profits?

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Thoughts on ICOs

It seems like everyone is doing an ICO and making a ton of money, and when you look at how far along some of these companies are, it’s a bit scary. In some cases, millions of dollars are being raised on an idea and a white paper

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The Big News: ICOs

Week 2! ICOs are all the rage and we walk you through what an ICO or Token Sale actually is. Plus, learn some security tips to store your crypto, and the big chart: total Cryptoassets are valued at over $100 Billion. 

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