Welcome to The Blockchain Experts!

It is September 2016 and as we begin we are not blockchain experts, we’re enthusiasts. We believe that in the near future, blockchain technologies will become commonplace. However, it is an entirely new world with new concepts, new industries, new vocabulary, and a high learning barrier. We hope to tear down the wall for everyone. We are embarking on a journey towards Blockchain Expertise and we invite you to join with us! To begin, it might be helpful to understand where we are coming from and how we ended up engaging in this project.


Passion One: Technology

We share two common passions, the first is technology. We both started our careers in the mobile technology space and ended up working together at Xamarin (recently acquired by Microsoft). Mobile has been arguably the fastest innovation in history. There are now more people on this planet who own a mobile phone than who own a toothbrush. Mobile has changed the way we live our lives and conduct business, and the time that it took this change to occur has been remarkably fast. With supercomputers now in almost every pocket around the globe, innovation will continue to happen at an even faster rate.

 Figure 1: Time to reach 50 million users

Figure 1: Time to reach 50 million users


Passion Two: Investing

The second common passion is investing and economics. What started as swapping investment strategies and ideas on a business trip, evolved into collaborative analysis and research into the state of our current global economy and markets. We became discouraged at the prospect of obtaining meaningful returns in this world of negative interest rates, overvalued assets, overwhelming debt burdens, and a sluggish economy. In a time of political and global uncertainty we ended up taking a very bullish stance on gold and spent a lot of time fleshing out that investment thesis. We liked gold for a number of reasons including:  a) gold over the long term is an excellent store of value and b) gold allows an escape from the current manipulated banking system which is laden with debt.


Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain

When we discovered Ethereum and the Blockchain for the first time in a meaningful way, we realized that it was the intersection of these two passions. The blockchain technology is new and revolutionary, and we saw parallels between our investments in gold and crypto-currencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. As we began to learn more, we realized that there is much more here than just a rogue, libertarian, digital currency. We saw the potential to disrupt current industries, create entirely new ones, and again change the way we work and live our lives. As Marc Andreesen said:

[This technology] offers a sweeping vista of opportunity to reimagine how the financial system can and should work in the Internet era, and a catalyst to reshape that system in ways that are more powerful for individuals and businesses alike.


We’re excited to commence our journey! We hope this site opens up a new world to you as we discover this new world for ourselves. If you share in either of these passions, or are just looking to learn more, we invite you to join our journey towards Blockchain expertise!

~ Matt & Spencer