About Us


Matt Larson

I’m a tech enthusiast and am incredibly excited about the future. I love to learn and create new things. I’ve been in the mobility field for my entire career and I have loved watching the mobile phone completely change the world we live in. Currently, I work for Xamarin (technically Microsoft since we were just acquired) where I have worked for over 3 years. At Xamarin I have helped grow our Partner Program by 7x and have established our sales presence in Europe.

Prior to Xamarin, I worked on my own startup in the digital healthcare field, and helped build the company Rhomobile which was successfully acquired by Motorola Solutions. I am also very passionate about finance and investing. I bought my first stock ($AAPL) in the heart of the “Great Recession” and have been actively investing since then.

I am currently loving living in London together with my wife and 2 kids. I love being outdoors, cycling, and traveling the world with my family.


Spencer Montgomery

I grew up in Boulder City, NV where I dreamt of being a professional golfer since my first tournament at the age of 6. I competed up through my first year of college. I learned a lot of life lessons through golf, but none as important as the power of positive thinking. 

I chose to study Electrical Engineering because I was fascinated by my iPhone and mobile apps. I also saw it as a way for a technical background for a career in business. Four grueling years taught me to never give up, and ultimately landed at an incredible company in San Francisco. 

My wife and I moved to San Francisco to work as a Partner Manager for Xamarin (recently acquired by Microsoft). The combination of selling, talking about mobile apps, and working with great people taught me everything I know about how business works in the real world. 

My hobbies include golfing, investing, reading, water skiing, cycling, traveling, and spending time with family and friends (but not in that order)